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Tech Tuesday (in the beginning named TechTuesday) is an event founded by Vincent Ariëns and Lenneke van Rossum of Seats2meet.com International and was held the first time May 19th 2015 at Meeting Plaza with a workshop Office 365 (Sander Kollerie), Ontwikkel succesvol je eigen App (Eric Mulder), Klant is koning in IT-land (Erwin Beets), Online initiatieven in de foodbranche (Dorine) and a Geeky Night Out at Seats2meet.com Utrecht CS Permanent Future Lab (Jurjen de Vries).

After the first time there was a summer stop, and Jurjen de Vries was asked to continue the Tech Tuesday events. He did that under the Seats2meet.com and Permanent Beta labels with Seats2meet.com Utrecht CS as the main location starting at December 8th. Chantal van Kempen helped with her Permanent Beta knowledge and network.

Since December 8th the Geeky Night Out and Internet of Things Utrecht (TTN) Meetups are also organized during the Tech Tuesday.


In March 2016 Chantal decided to quit helping most of the Permanent Beta activities to focus for a while on her personal live.

In May 2016 Peter Joosten decided to have the Biohacking meetups during the Tech Tuesday where possible. He like to Permanent Beta style / vibe where people can choose which session they will go.

In June 2016 Jurjen decided to focus more on his expected twins, and be more in the background organisation of Tech Tuesday. Samir Lahiri decided to be the main organizer of the Tech Tuesday.


Jurjen, Samir and Milan Passchier did the main organisation in 2017.


Around the summer break Jurjen asked the visitors how to continue Tech Tuesday. During a brainstorm we decided to split listing and doing sessions. So from 8 PM till 9 PM there will be listing sessions and from 9 PM till 10 PM there will be doing sessions. Ides said he like to help with in the background.