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Tech Tuesday is a cool evening with different kind of workshops, speakers and round table sessions related to technology. People in the Permanent Beta and Seats2meet.com movement are organising this event every 2nd Tuesday of the month. Seats2meet.com wants to stimulate people share knowledge and is sponsoring the location. Permanent Beta brings people together to share knowledge about technology, science and art. We believe in sharing because we like it and because it's important to us, not to get things. We believe in creating through creativity, not through money or power.

We organize the meetings rooms and the opportunity to exchange knowledge between several people. People who want to share about a tech related topic will provide a session and share their knowledge. The session can be held in the form of a presentation, interactive group discussion or other great method. The organizers and session facilitators will approach possible interested people in the topic. We do this through the Permanent Beta Meetup group, the social media channels of Seats2meet.com & Permanent Beta and the network of the session facilitator.

We don't know the exact amount of participants come through the event. There may be multiple subjects & speakers simultaneously giving doing their session and participants are allowed to change their place. The so-called dancing feet principle. The premise is that if there is even only one interested in a topic, it continues.

We are asking participants to share by (live) video, blogs and social media about the things they discovered and learned during the Tech Tuesday event.

There is no specific theme for the sessions except it is tech related. People may suggest and give a session. Examples of tech related things are, but not limited to: Coding, Life hacking, 3D printing, Robotics, Ehealth, Women in tech, Biotech, E-commerce, Singularity, 3D animation, Bitcoin / Blockchain, Analytics, Search Engine Optimization, Video / Vlogging, Gaming, Social Media, Mobile / Apps, Big Data, Artificial intelligence, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Internet of Things.