From Tech Tuesday

This is the script of Tech Tuesday

When What How
2 months before Finding session facilitators for tech related themes to have one or more presentations, workshops, round table sessions during the Tech Tuesday. Look into your network, ask around at Seats2meet & Permanent Beta Network. Ask people that are interested or are willing to give a session to fill in the form.
1 month before (soon after the Tech Tuesday before) Announce the next Tech Tuesday at Internet Post at:
1 month before (soon after the Tech Tuesday before) Book a room at Utrecht CS Login at the Seats2meet location admin page (only available for people with access such as Jurjen) and book room number 10 for the date of
2 weeks before Announce the next Tech Tuesday at Seats2meet Create and print flyers for the boards and toilets at Utrecht CS.
2 weeks before Inform the Utrecht CS location owner Send an email to Nynke Visser and inform about the next Tech Tuesday
Tech Tuesday 18PM Inform about the location of the sessions Look which rooms are available and make a time schedule sheet. Present the sheet on a beamer.
Tech Tuesday 18.30PM Prepare drinks Put drinks in the fridge (mostly beer, cola, fanta).
Tech Tuesday 19.00PM Meet & greet Participants walk in and can have a meet & greet.
Tech Tuesday 19.30PM Welcome talk organizers & session facilitators * Bring the participants to a central location (Mostly Platform 1)
  • Explain Tech Tuesday and tell about the facilitators (Permanent Beta,, crowd organized)
  • Explain how to share and clean together
  • Explain where to get drinks (coffee, tea, water, paid drinks at the fridge by 1,50 euro)
  • 1 minute Soapbox
  • Ask the session facilitators to tell a one liner who they are and what is going to happen at their session
Tech Tuesday 20.00PM Listing sessions
Tech Tuesday 21.00PM Doing sessions
Tech Tuesday 22.00PM Mix up networking by drinks & share your tech
Tech Tuesday 22.00PM Check fridge Check if there are enough drinks (mostly beer, cola, fanta), if not fill the fridge.
Tech Tuesday late at night Ending
  • Clean the room where people forgot about.
  • Remove the beer from the fridge.
  • Close all the doors, windows and turn off the lights.
  • Turn on the alarm system.